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venture capital consulting

Our Software will analyze your plans and your Frames - so YOU win.  We show you which frames in your inventory may be hurting your bottom line.

In some cases the results with astound you:

- Saving money on frames does not always equal increased margins

- Insurance owned Frames do not always profit more

- Budget Frames sometimes outperform Branded Frames

- A 3x markup does not insure a margin!!

Try some of our basic calculators here FREE!  Or schedule a consultation with a frame profit expert and receive the full version of our software.  Our clients have found it to be an eye opening experience.  Contact mark@iprofitgroup.com

Calculate your margin by adding your insurance plan data and frame information here

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*Neither iProfit Group nor Mark Clark have any affiliation, financial or otherwise, with any insurance company. Neither do they guarantee the accuracy of these numbers in anyway.  This is a learning tool only offered for free and is not meant in anyway to represent any real insurance plans or their relationship to their competitors or affiliates.  No statements herein shall be deemed as advice, advertising, or association.  Neither iProfit Group nor Mark Clark encourage or discourage the use of any particular plans or corporations with these statements. These are only a few basic plans from these companies, and numbers do not reflect "dispense fees" which may be include in other payments.  Questions may be addressed to legal@iprofitgroup.com