Optometry Consulting

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Vision Care Insurance profitability is our niche.  We have proprietary software to analyze each plan in your area and compare your inventory, pricing, and strategies with the plan.  

Our transformative way of viewing third party plans is not only beneficial to Independent Practices, but also Frame Vendors, Sales Teams, and Private Equity Investors.  

iProfit Group founder Mark Clark has a fresh perspective on the optical industry, and his Product reviews have been featured in VCPN Magazine, Daily Optician, and Invision Magazine:

 "...Private Equity is currently fueling massive expansion and buy-ups with regional chains as the investing funnel. Forget merger gate, PE is in the driver seat now ..."

"...Selling Frames is not the Goal, Selling frames at a profit is THE Goal when purchasing inventory..."

"...Someday practice management software will actually live up to its name, but until then we need Dashboards and plug-ins..."

Interpreting KPI

Whether you are Using a KPI dashboard or not, you may need help interpreting your performance indicators.  We help you make sound decisions based on the current performance of your practice.  We have a unique perspective on KPI application.  We use proprietary software to analyze the vision plans in your office and compare the plan with your KPI.  Then we formulate and exact plan to remedy any falling or struggling KPI's in your Optometry office.  

We offer several affordable consulting options and various custom plans: 

Let's face it, understanding margins through the muddy waters of charge-backs, co pays, discounts, and formulas is a tough job at times.  We take a very analytical, yet real world approach to consulting.  Instead of simply telling clients to sell more of a certain product, we analyze your inventory against local plans in your area.  One consulting mold does not fit every practice model.  

Custom Tailored Interactive Webinars:

One low price per session.  Each session is tailored to a group of particular issues facing your practice and your staff.  We have webinars on Pricing Strategy, Purchasing Strategy, managing third party, and more.

6-18 Month Practice Rejuvenation 

Includes unlimited monthly Live webinars, a KPI dashboard software integrated into your PM software, and regular accountability of your practice to get back on track! Its like having an extra employee to watch the practice every week.

We offer The Edge:

KPI reporting software is included in the price of our monthly plans.  We monitor your Performance so you don't have to, then reconnect to strategize based on your individual success.

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